Accepting Public Comments on the Local Board of Health Composition Rule

The State Board of Health (Board) has filed a proposed rule for the Local Board of Health Composition rule. This announces to the public that a rule is being proposed, an official rules hearing is scheduled, and the Board is accepting written and verbal comments on the proposed rule language. Written comments closed on March 30, 2022. Verbal testimony was accepted at the Board's April 13 public meeting during the official rules hearing.

The Board’s Authority

The State Board of Health (Board) has the authority under RCW 43.20 to adopt rules regarding local board of health membership. During the 2021 legislative session, the Legislature passed Engrossed Second Substitute House Bill 1152 (E2SHB 1152), Supporting measures to create comprehensive public health districts.

Among other changes, E2SHB 1152 expands local board of health membership to include an equal number of elected and non-elected persons. Non-elected members include:

  • Public health, health care facilities, and providers;
  • Consumers of public health; and
  • Other community stakeholders.

The legislation directs the Board to adopt rules regarding the appointment process for these non-elected members. The selection process must be fair and unbiased and ensure membership of local boards of health include balanced representation of elected officials and non-elected persons with a diversity of expertise and lived experience.

Helpful Information

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