Petition for Rulemaking

You may petition a state agency to adopt, repeal, or amend a rule within its authority. We have 60 days to respond to a petition. We may take one of the following actions after we receive a petition:

  • Deny the request and explain our reasons
  • Describe alternative steps we will take
  • Initiate rulemaking

If we deny your petition, you may appeal our decision to the Governor.

Submit a Petition for Rulemaking

  1. Download and complete the form
  2. Submit your request
    • Email us your form
    • Mail us your form to:
      • Washington State Board of Health
        Rules Coordinator
        P.O. Box 47990
        Olympia, WA 98504-7990

Important Information to Know

  • We will confirm that we received your petition within three business days.
  • Our Chair may add your petition to a meeting that is scheduled within 60 days.
  • If no regular meeting is scheduled before the 60-day response deadline, or if the agenda for the regular meeting cannot accommodate the petition, the Executive Director will notify the Chair of the need to schedule a special board meeting for the purposes of considering the petition.
  • Read our Responding to Petitions for Rulemaking policy to learn more about who must be notified and consulted when the Board is petitioned; who may respond on behalf of the Board; and if Board action is required.