Local Board of Health Composition

On April 13, 2022, the State Board of Health (Board) adopted proposed rules to establish chapter 246-90 WAC, Local Board of Health Membership. The rules provide local governments with a standard process for recruitment and ultimate appointment of nonelected members of local boards of health representing public health/health systems, consumers of public health, and other community stakeholders. The Board’s rules:

  • Establish the purpose and scope of the chapter.
  • Define terms for use throughout the chapter.
  • Establish the requirements for any resolution, ordinance, or other mechanism for amending the composition of a local board of health.
  • Establish requirements for recruitment activities for nonelected members of local boards of health.
  • Establish requirements and provide flexibility for the selection of nonelected members of local boards of health.
  • Describe the exceptions to the chapter in alignment with Engrossed Second Substitute House Bill 1152 (2021).

The concise explanatory statement summarizes the differences between the proposed rules and adopted rules, and the response to public comments.

The Board has developed guidance to help local health jurisdictions implement chapter 246-290 WAC:


Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.300
State Board of Health Contact: wsboh@sboh.wa.gov

For media or general inquiries about this rule, please contact the State Board of Health at 360-236-4110 or by email wsboh@sboh.wa.gov.

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