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The video recording of the Washington State Board of Health's June 12 public meeting is available. Links to the recording and downloads are on the meeting webpage.

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A Health Impact Review is an objective, non-partisan, evidence-based analysis that provides the Governor and Legislators with information about how proposed legislation may impact health and equity in Washington state. Learn more about this important tool from a presentation at the August 9 meeting.

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The Washington State Board of Health has a number of open rules. From newborn screening, water recreation, and notifiable conditions, you can get involved. Browse our rules page to find out what projects we're working on and how you can participate in the rulemaking process.

Established by the state constitution in 1889, the Washington State Board of Health has served the people of Washington for 133 years, providing leadership and advancing public health practices that protect and improve the public’s health. Our work focuses on analyzing policies, developing rules, promoting partnerships, and encouraging public engagement in the public health system.

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Board members provide statewide leadership in developing and promoting policies that prevent disease, and improve and protect the public's health for all people in Washington

Health Impact Reviews

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An objective, evidence-based analysis for the Governor and state Legislators. Health Impact Reviews analyze how proposed legislation may affect health and equity in Washington state. We have completed 128 Reviews at the request of 62 different Legislators and the Governor on a variety of topics.

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