Agency Rulemaking

How We Do Rulemaking

From start to finish, we are committed to being transparent and involving the public in the rulemaking process.

  • Open rules: we are actively working on making changes to a rule. We have formally initiated rulemaking by filing notice with the Washington Code Reviser.
  • Recently Adopted rules: the Board has voted to approve changes to the rules, the order of adoption is filed with the Code Reviser, and changes are being implemented. We generally keep recently adopted rules on this web page for 12-months after the rule’s official date of implementation.
  • Delayed rules: we have initiated rulemaking, but the work is on-hold. The Board may suspend its work on a rule due to lack of resources, need for more research, prioritization of other projects, or legislative action.

What are the typical phases in the rulemaking process?

A full description with explanations of what the typical phases are in the rulemaking process.

Open Rules

Recently Adopted Rules

Delayed Rules

How to Participate

We offer you many ways to participate in our rulemaking process.

  1. Attend a regularly scheduled Board meeting. Send us your comments ahead of time or share them in-person during the public comment period.
  2. Submit written comments during informal and formal rule comment periods.
  3. Testify at an official rules hearing.
  4. Add your name to our email distribution list and get notices about rules, meetings, and other information about our work.

Rulemaking Glossary & Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly used words and phrases and frequently asked questions about agency rulemaking.

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