Meeting Information and Materials

Aug. 9, 2023

Aug. 9 Public Meeting Materials
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Board Announcements and Other Business

CR-103E, WSR 23-13-018, Fourth Emergency Rule, OSS Proprietary Treatment Products
CR-103P, WSR 23-16-005, School EHS effective date extension

Corrected HEAL Act Notice
Draft Community Compensation Guidelines


Fiscal Year 2023 Health Impact Review Update

Health Impact Review Presentation
Revisiones del impacto en la salud: actualización del año fiscal 2023


Thurston County Public Health Update

Thurston County Public Health Presentation 


Overview of Lead Prevention Programs

Department of Health Presentation
Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department Presentation


Emergency Rulemaking – On-Site Sewage Systems, WAC 246-272A-0110, Proprietary Treatment Products and Supply Chain Shortages

– Possible Action

On-Site Sewage Systems Cover Memo
On-Site Sewage Systems - Department of Health Original Request Cover Memo
Rule Language
Department of Health Rule Summary and Component-Replacement Approvals
Draft Fifth CR-103E, OSS Proprietary Treatment Products
Statutory Authority


Rules Update - Sanitary Control of Shellfish, Chapter 246-282 WAC

Sanitary Control of Shellfish Cover Memo
Department of Health Presentation


Petition for Rulemaking for WAC 246-260-031, General Design, Construction and Equipment for all Water Recreation Facility Pools

– Possible Action

Rulemaking Petition Cover Memo (Updated 8/8/23)
Petition Request for WAC 246-260-031
Statutory Authority
State Board of Health Petition Policy
ADA Complaint from Petitioner
Swimming Pool Access Barrier and Latch Height Rules Overview (Added on 8/8/23)


Petition for Rulemaking Chapter 246-760 WAC, Auditory Screening Standards in Schools

– Possible Action

Rulemaking Petition Cover Memo
Petition Request for Chapter 246-760 WAC
Supplemental Petition Information (Added on 8/8/23)
State Board of Health Presentation
Statutory Authority 
State Board of Health Petition Policy 


Rulemaking Process Overview

State Board of Health Presentation
Complete List of Board Rules


Board Member Comments and Concerns

No Materials Available