Board Members Vote to Conduct a Hearing into the Termination of Dr. Bob Lutz, former Spokane Regional Health District Health Officer

The Washington State Board of Health (Board) voted to move forward with a hearing as the next step into the investigation of the termination of Dr. Bob Lutz, former local health officer for Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) during the Board’s June 1 Special Meeting.

Board members determined that the information provided in a preliminary investigation warrants a hearing to determine whether Ms. Clark is guilty of failing to obey or enforce provisions of state law. The hearing date is yet to be determined. Board members directed staff to notify Ms. Clark that a hearing will be scheduled, and notice provided according to state requirements.

The Board contracted with Karen Sutherland of Ogden Murphy Wallace P.L.L.C. to conduct a preliminary investigation into complaints it received against SRHD administrator, Amelia Clark. The complaints allege Ms. Clark failed to act in accordance with state law in the termination of Dr. Bob Lutz, former SRHD health officer.

Ms. Sutherland completed her preliminary investigation and presented the findings at the June 1 Special Meeting. A list of materials including the preliminary investigation report are available on the meeting web page. Also available is a TVW recording of the meeting.

The Board voted at its November 9 meeting to proceed with the preliminary investigation. During the discussion, Board members determined the information in the complaints fall within its authority. More information about the complaints, including public comments, are posted on the Nov. 9, 2020 meeting web page.