Communicable & Certain Other Diseases Rules Hearing Continued to January 2022 Meeting

The Washington State Board of Health (Board) has voted to continue their discussion on a CR-102, Proposed Rule, for chapter 246-100 WAC, Communicable and Certain Other Diseases to their January 12, 2022 meeting. The chapter outlines requirements for the prevention and control of infectious and noninfectious diseases. Revisions to this chapter pertain to implementation of Engrossed Substitute House Bill 1551, Modernizing the control of certain communicable diseases (Chapter 76, Laws of 2020).

At its November 12, 2021 meeting, the Board held a rules hearing on a Proposed Rule for chapter 246-100 WAC (WSR 21-20-127) and voted to continue the hearing. The Board has filed a continuance (WSR 21-24-104) to announce to the public that the hearing will continue at the Board’s January 12, 2022 meeting. Staff are reviewed the comments shared at the November meeting and have distributed a new informal draft that is available for comment until December 21, 2021.

A CR-102, Proposed Rule, for chapter 246-100 WAC, Communicable and Certain Other Diseases, announcing to the public that a rule is being proposed and includes the proposed rule language was previously filed on October 5, 2021.  The Board will accept verbal comments on the proposed rule at its January 12, 2022 public meeting during the continued rules hearing, which is open to the public.

Important Information for the Continued Rules Hearing:

  • The online rules hearing will be held via the Zoom Webinar platform
  • To give verbal testimony during the rules hearing, you will need to access the meeting using your computer, laptop, or device. Your computer, laptop, or device must have speakers and a microphone.

To receive rule updates and opportunities for future public comment and participation subscribe to the rule’s interested parties email list. For more information regarding this rule revision please visit the Communicable and Certain Other Diseases rulemaking web page or email Board Staff at