Governor Inslee Appoints Temple Lentz to State Board of Health

Governor Jay Inslee appointed Temple Lentz, Clark County Councilmember, to the Washington State Board of Health. Lentz fills the position of an elected official who represents state counties and is a member of a local board of health.

Member Lentz is an active member of the Clark County Board of Health and a member of the state’s Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board and Affordable Housing Advisory Board. She is also a volunteer and board member with local nonprofit organizations. Her background is in nonprofit management and private sector marketing and communications. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago and a master’s degree in organizational leadership.

"This last year, especially, has shown that we must not underestimate the importance of public health, at all levels,” said Lentz. “I look forward to serving in this capacity and helping strengthen and support public health throughout our state while building stronger connections between the state and local jurisdictions."

“Member Lentz’s leadership and active participation at the local level can support the Board’s work in developing statewide policies that help prevent disease and improve the health and safety of people in our state,” said Michelle Davis, executive director of the Board. “We’re pleased to welcome Temple to the Board and the important local health perspective she brings to this role.”

Member Lentz is expected to join the next online Board meeting, June 9. A draft agenda for the meeting will be disseminated May 26