Important Information about Public Comment and Rules Testimony for Jan. 12 Public Meeting

We are expecting a large online crowd for the Jan. 12 public meeting. We encourage you to login at the time the meeting begins at 9:00 a.m. Due to the amount of interest in the meeting and those wishing to give public comment and testimony on the Communicable Disease rule, we expect attendance to exceed capacity and the webinar to fill-up quickly. If you registered for the meeting but are not able to join it may mean the webinar has reached its capacity. In that event, you may watch the meeting live on TVW, check back in periodically to see if a space has opened up, or send your comments to

General Public Comment Period (Agenda Item 6)

The public comment period begins at 11:00 a.m. Individuals who indicated they want to give public comment when they registered are on the public comment list. In response to the expected large attendance, the public comment period (agenda item 6) will be limited so that the Board can consider all agenda items at the meeting. The Chair will limit each speaker’s time based on the number of people signed up to comment.

Communicable Disease Rules Testimony (Agenda Item 9)

Due to the amount of interest in this meeting and the large number of individuals wishing to give testimony on the Communicable Disease rules we want to share what you can expect at the meeting. For individuals who registered for the meeting and indicated they want to give testimony, your name is currently on the list. The Chair, and the Board staff who are assisting, will call on as many individuals as possible that fit into this limited time frame. The rules hearing on chapter 246-100 WAC is scoped only to the implementation of ESHB 1551 (Chapter 76, Laws of 2020), which updates language and changes references in the control and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, and does not include changes to isolation and quarantine policies nor does it suggest law enforcement be used to enforce any vaccination requirements.

Rules Testimony Process

The rules testimony begins at 1:30 p.m. Please wait for the Chair or staff to call your name. Please unmute your line to speak. When you are called to testify, please state your name and affiliation clearly, and if you support or oppose the proposed rule. If you have suggested amendments for the rule, please identify those by section. The Chair will limit each speaker’s time based on the number of people signed up to give testimony. If an individual’s name is called and they are not present at the time their name is announced, staff will move to the next individual on the list.

Meeting materials are located on the Jan. 12 meeting web page.