Prenatal Tests Rule Update

Washington’s prenatal tests rule establishes standards in determining medical necessity for screening and diagnostic procedures for diagnosis of congenital disorders of a fetus.

There have been advances in medical science and additional evidence regarding prenatal tests since the Board last updated the rule. The Board’s current rulemaking will update the standards for benefits to include all those that meet current standards of practice and are medically indicated. Most recently, the Board opened an informal comment period for the rule in March. Based on comments received, policy staff made changes to the working draft, added additional criteria for when certain prenatal tests should be covered, and clarified when pre-and post-procedure genetic counseling is required.

The Board recently held a rules hearing, and based on comments received members voted to direct staff to continue working with interested parties to refine language around genetic counseling and certain prenatal tests. More information is available on the rule web page and the April 14 meeting web page.