Verbal Testimony Accepted at Nov. 10 Public Meeting on Proposed Communicable Disease Rules

The Board has filed a CR-102, Proposed Rule, which announces to the public that Washington’s Communicable and Certain Other Diseases rule is being proposed, includes the proposed rule language, and provides the public an opportunity to comment on the proposed rules.

The Communicable and Certain Other Diseases rules outline requirements for the prevention and control of infectious and noninfectious diseases. The Notifiable Conditions rules outline requirements for reporting information that is necessary for public health officials to protect the public's health by enabling them to identify and track communicable diseases and other conditions.

While the formal written comment period is now closed, your verbal comments are welcomed on the proposed rule.

During the 2020 Legislative Session, the Legislature passed Engrossed Substitute House Bill (ESHB) 1551, Modernizing the control of certain communicable diseases (Chapter 76, Laws of 2020). This bill modernizes the state’s control of communicable disease laws by ending statutory HIV/AIDS exceptionalism, reducing HIV-related stigma, defelonizing HIV exposure, and removing barriers to HIV testing. The new law took effect June 11, 2020. The Board adopted amendments to chapter 246-101 WAC Notifiable Conditions, at its March 2021 public meeting. Amendments include minor editorial revisions consistent with the changes in ESHB 1551. More information is available on the Notifiable Conditions rulemaking web page.