Meeting Information and Materials

January 13, 2021

January 13 Public Meeting Materials
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Board Announcements and Other Business

Health Promotion Committee Meeting Notes
CR-103 Human Remains
CR-103 Retail Food Code
2020 State Health Report
2021 Board Meeting Schedule


Department of Health Update

Department of Health COVID-19 Presentation - updated 1/12/21 at 4:25 p.m.
Department of Health Legislative Priorities and Budget Update


Public Comments

Public Comments Received
Public Comments Received


Rules Hearing: Prenatal Tests - Congenital and Heritable Disorders, chapter 246-680 WAC

Prenatal Tests Rule Cover Memo
Board of Health Presentation
CR-102 Package
Significant Analysis
Statutory Authority
Summary of Written Comments and Staff Recommendations
Written Public Comments


Briefing: Notifiable Conditions, chapter 246-101 WAC

Notifiable Conditions Rule Cover Memo
Board of Health Presentation
Supplemental CR-102 Withdrawl
Draft Rule - Informal Comment Period Version
Statutory Authority
Race, Ethnicity and Primary Language Inclusion Criteria and Glossary


2021 Legislative Statement

Board of Health Cover Memo
Draft 2021 Legislative Statement
Board of Health Policy 2001-001


Request for Delegation of Rulemaking: Recodification of Title 70 RCW

Board of Health Cover Memo
Department of Health Request Memo
Rulemaking Delegation Policy, 2000-001


Petition for Rulemaking: Adding Risks of Zoonotic Disease Transfer, RCW 16.36.070, Danger of Infection, RCW 16.36.082, Infected or Exposed Animals, WAC 246-100-191, Animals-General Measures to Prevent Human Disease

Board of Health Cover Memo
Petition for Rulemaking
Petition Email
Supplemental Petition Information
Rulemaking Petition Policy


Introduction of Secretary of Health, Umair A. Shah, MD, MPH

No materials at this time


Auditory and Visual Standards - School Districts, chapter 246-760 WAC Guidance

Auditory and Visual Standards Guidance Cover Memo
Draft Guidance


Board Member Comments and Concerns

No materials at this time