Onsite Sewage Systems

Chapter 246-272A WAC establishes standards for the siting, design, installation, use, care, and management of on-site sewage systems. In March 2018, the Board filed a CR-101, Preproposal Statement of Inquiry, to explore possible updates to the rules.

The Board and Washington Department of Health (Department) are using a collaborative rulemaking approach to gather input during the rulemaking process. The Department’s On-Site Sewage Rule Review Committee serves as the advisory committee for this rulemaking project.

The Department is finalizing rule language and readying accompanying rule analyses for further discussion and consideration by the Board. The rulemaking has been delayed by Covid response and other factors. The rulemaking is slated for completion in 2023.

Complementing rulemaking on the chapter, on June 8, 2022, the Board adopted an emergency rule amending WAC 246-272A-0110 to allow on-site sewage system proprietary treatment products to be operated and maintained with the best components available during an ongoing supply chain shortage. The emergency rule allows manufacturers to make written requests to the Department of Health to retrofit proprietary treatment products with best available components. The proposals must ensure the treatment products and their performance are not negatively impacted, and also ensure public health and environmental protection while limiting negative impacts to home sales and construction. The emergency rule will be in effect for 120 days. Staff will continue to investigate a long-term solution as part of the permanent rulemaking on the chapter.

For more information on the rulemaking or to join the interested parties’ list, visit the Department’s rulemaking web page.

Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.050
State Board of Health Contact: Stuart Glasoe, 360-236-4111
Department of Health Contact: Peter Beaton, 360-236-4031

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